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'Kindness' is not a very long word, but the concept of what it represents is vast, much more than merely 'considerate and generous', as the dictionary definition gives.The Language of Kindness - A Nurse's Storyby Christie Watson tells of Watson's twenty year career in nursing.She had no great ambition during childhood to become a nurse, it was something that just seemed to happen.When she started nursing, she thought that it involved chemistry, biology, physics, pharmacology and anatomy.What she discovered to be the truth of nursing, through her experience, was philosophy, psychology, art, ethics and politics, but more importantly perhaps, and as the title of her book indicates, kindness.


Through the pages of her book, Watson takes the reader with her as she experiences many different and difficult aspects of nursing, but what shines out through the pages is that kindness can be as much a healer as any surgical intervention or medication.Kindness can be forgotten when demands on us increase, but Watson shows, time and time again, is the reward to both the receiver and the giver, when kindness is able to be shown.


Kindness lubricates the wheels of society - children are encouraged to be kind to one another from an early age, which would indicate that it is not something that necessarily comes naturally to all of us.We all need kindness shown to us, but we also need to be prepared to show that same kindness to others.Dr Aziz, in A Passage to India by E M Forster, asserts that what Indians needed was: "Kindness, more kindness, and even after that, more kindness."He then adds:"I assure you it is the only hope."This can be widened to include not just Indians, but the human race - our fellow neighbours.And Mark Twain says of kindness:'Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see'.


St Paul says in I Thessalonians 5:15 - 'See to it that no one pays back wrong for wrong, but always aim at doing the best you can for each other and for all men.'And Matthew says, in Chapter 25:40 - 'Anything you did for one of my brothers here, however humble, you did for me.'


13 November is World Kindness Day but how wonderful if we could make EVERY day World Kindness Day.What a difference it would make to our world.



Itís Random Acts of Kindness Week: The Health Benefits of ...


The bell was rung at St Martin of Tours, Guston, at 7pm on Thursday 18 April together with many other churches and cathedrals across the UK, as a mark of solidarity following the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.


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We are holding a quiz night in the Chance Inn, Guston, on Thursday 11 April, 7.30pm.£5 per head, including chips in the interval.

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