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News from Guston

William Nicholson, author of 'Shadowlands', a story about C S Lewis and Joy Gresham, said, through one of his characters, 'We read to know that we are not alone'. This certainly seems to be true of fiction. Browsing around Waterstones bookshop, perusing the titles and blurbs of the hundreds of books, piled onto themed table displays, it is always possible to find something that looks as if it might be in tune with one's current thoughts and experiences, or else something that will extend and enhance one's understanding of the human condition. The Psalms cover the whole gamut of human emotions and it is certainly a case in point that to read them is to realize that we are not alone. This is not to say that our feelings are necessarily acceptable, but that they are normal.


Perhaps reading to know that we are not alone is less true of non-fiction as this sort of literature will be read to broaden the horizons, to take us to places we will never visit or to share experiences that are beyond our scope, not to mention increasing our knowledge. Historical books help us to understand the past and how it has shaped the present, sometimes showing us that history does repeat itself, as human nature has remained much the same, over millennia, but always giving us the opportunity to learn from the lessons of the past and to try and put that knowledge to good use.


My love of reading has been rekindled recently by forming a book club with two friends, making just the three of us. We each take turns in choosing and buying the books for each other and then meet over a meal to chat about the books and also to share our long standing friendship. Reading someone else's choice of book can be stimulating and challenging and we have only two rules: if we have already read the book, we will re-read it and if we do not have time to finish the current book, we will still meet as arranged and not feel guilty.


Despite the convenience of e-books, paper books are enjoying a resurgence of popularity and with so many charity book shops around, it is easy to find cheap and interesting books to read, returning them to the charity shop once read, so that they can be re-cycled and enjoyed all over again. A group of volunteers at English Heritage's Brodsworth Hall have raised over 10,000 in the past five years by running a second hand bookstall and as recent research suggests that reading can reduce stress, perhaps now is a good time to visit a bookshop or charity shop, put your feet up and have a good read.


Gustave Flaubert, the nineteenth French novelist said: 'Read in order to live' - a simple adage and an easy one to follow but the Bible, the most read book in the world, shows us how to live.




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The Bible - the most read book in the world






Guston Village Hall renovation is almost complete and once finished, will make a lovely location for holding events. Contact details of how to book will follow shortly.


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