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News from Guston


It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of Joan Lawrence, on 13 July. During the afternoon she had been watching her beloved Wimbledon, and then peacefully passed away during the night, having come to terms with the fact that her life was drawing to a close. She was a faithful member of St Martin of Tours, Guston for many years and it is only recently that she became unable to attend services - her especial favourites being Evensong and Compline.


Joan had led an interesting and varied life, much of it involving giving service to others through her work with Social Services. She was a much loved Aunt and Great Aunt to her nieces and nephews and a good and kind friend to many others. She had the rare ability of being an attentive listener, popping in the odd comment, which was always wise and pertinent.


She would often say 'All will be well ...' which was a shortened version of Julian of Norwich's famous saying: 'All will be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.'


Julian of Norwich, c 1342 - c 1416, was an anchoress who, when thought to be on her deathbed at the age of thirty, had visions of Christ on the cross, prompted by a curate holding a cross at the foot of her bed. She later wrote down these visions which became known as 'Revelations of Divine Love'. The reasons why she became an anchoress are not clear but her writings have survived the test of time and are still very relevant to life today.


Julian's theology was optimistic and spoke of God's omnibenevolence and love in terms of joy and compassion. She believed that we are all loved by God and as such, are protected by His Providence.



The church of SS Andrew and Mary - St Julian of Norwich - geograph.org.uk - 1547398.jpg

Julian of Norwich, as depicted in the church of

Ss Mary, Langham, Norfolk



Statue of Julian on the front of Norwich Cathedral,

holding the book 'Revelations of Divine Love'


May you Rest in Peace, Joan, after a long and fruitful life.



Services for September:


Sunday 3 September 6pm Sung Evensong

Sunday 10 September 10-11 am Sunday School

Sunday 17 September 6pm Holy Communion (BCP)



Services for October:


Sunday 1 October 6pm Harvest Festival - Sung Evensong, followed by the Harvest Supper in the Chance Inn. This will be an ecumenical service, including parishioners from St Paul's, Dover and St Finbarr's Aylesham.

Sunday 8 October 10-11 am Sunday School

Sunday 15 October 6pm Holy Communion (BCP)


If you would like to attend the Harvest Supper, please contact Margaret Saunders on 01303 862894 to book a place by Monday 25 September. The cost is 6 per head for a generous cold buffet.